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Tom, Bill and Jim in Berlin, Germany

Tom, Bill and Jim in Berlin, Germany

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  1. Bill Sweeney says:

    I can’t wait until this opens. I hope it’s true, authentic bier garten brew and food. Fantastic. Thanks for doing this!

  2. Eleanor Miller says:

    Great news, Jim!

  3. Rosemarie Beitz says:

    Can’t wait! Hope you’ll be open during Easter recess. You’ll have a housefull. Good luck and best wishes for success.

  4. C.J. Bianchi says:

    Hopefully this email will bring great luck to the business. James, it is so awesome watching your dream become a reality. So proud to call you one of our best friends and can’t wait to you open up out West. Congratulations to all of you.
    Chuck B.

  5. mike polino says:

    I absolutely cant wait for this baby to open and prosper. Good luck and health to the boys of “PROST!” Ive known Jim and extended family for more than thirty years and I know they must all be extremely proud of him. Hammer. PS : Hoffbrau Dunkel and Spaten Optimator! Dark Bier Rules!

  6. Good luck on the opening and please keep us informed.


  7. Isaac J. Rubinowitz says:

    Warm schmidts beer please!

  8. Harrison Will says:

    Will you be hiring when you open?

  9. KB says:

    Good German restaurants are few and far between. We need some good German food in Garden City. Looking forward to your opening.

  10. Pat says:

    Any info on the opening date?

  11. Julistra says:

    Bier hier? Wunderbar!
    How do I apply for a job?

  12. Birgitta Mayer says:

    Looking forward to your opening! When will it be?

  13. Monika says:

    I like 2 find out if you having a ” Gluten Free ”
    Menu !!!!! I would appreciate a respond …. thank you

  14. Ed M. says:

    How about “schweine schnitzel wiener art” in addition to the regular wiener schnitzel? Some people prefer pork to veal. Looking forward to grand opening. Please email announcements to me. Thank you.

  15. Ray Bucknell says:

    When do you open?

  16. otto says:

    When are you opening? I can’t find anything on the site.
    You hooked me with offering Curry-wurst.

  17. Jon says:

    When will the restaurant open?

  18. Beth says:

    Just wondering If you opened yet and if not when you plan on opening?

  19. Lenny Coyne says:

    I love it! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I met 2 of you guys when my group danced schuhplattler at the Country Club for the nuns’ fundraiser this past Jan/Feb. My wife and I danced while Bud and Linda Gramer played the music. I was wearing the lederhosen…
    I wish you all the best in the world with this new venture! I will drop by once you open (I live in Manhasset) and drop off some fliers for our German-American Steuben Parade, which is held this year on Saturday September 15th on Fifth Avenue.
    All the best,
    Lenny Coyne

  20. Annette Krauss says:


    I am the PR Director for the German American Steuben Parade and would love to ask if we would be able to attend a grand opening if you have not had one yet and also promote the parade with brochures for your guests to take.

    Thank you in advance.
    Annette Krauss

  21. amanda says:

    im interested in hosting an event in the fall, is it possible for someone to pleae contact me at the email address i provided? thank you

  22. Jim says:

    We will be posting about our Grand Opening and our upcoming soft Opening.
    Would love to see you and your fellow members at the Grill and Garten !

  23. Amanda Mancuso says:

    I am interested in hosting a welcoming club event in October. Can someone contact me? I need to work out details- thanks

  24. greg says:

    No Sauerbraten or Jagerschnitzel? Might they`re be dishes such as these as specials? Read the article in GC news, congratulations.

  25. Ed says:

    Please have Dobos Torte* as a dessert option . . .
    * 7 to 10 layer chocolate cream / vanilla(white) cake with a glazed sugar top coating – YUM!!!

  26. Karl Ruhry says:

    Franziskaner Weissbier on tap please! How about Obatzda on the appetizer menu? Easy to make and traditional Bavarian bier garten fare.

  27. Lance Moeller says:

    I will be there on Tuesday. I can’t wait.

  28. STEAK says:

    Jim is there a German version of the Long Island Ice Tea? Congratulations on the opening. Can’t wait to stop by.

  29. Gentlemen,
    I look forward to my first visit today for a business lunch and am interested in utilizing your space for a networking event this month. Thank you for opening such a great new and fresh idea.

  30. Pat says:

    I believe lunch will be in my plans today. I have been waiting for you to open. 🙂

  31. Chris Van De Water says:

    Anyone considering an excellent night of food, beer and comraderie, do not hesitate to patronize Prost. Attentive staff, owners who are present and caring, this is a true undiscovered treasure in Garden City! Can’t wait for the grand opening menu.

  32. Rich says:

    Not being familiar with half the tap beers…how about offering a flight of let’s say 4 3/4oz. size tastes for a charge of let’s say$10.00, then would be more confident in ordering a full size German beer.

  33. wendy dreher-shapiro says:

    any sauerbraten? looking for good german food for my birthday!!!

  34. Chris Yorke says:

    Had a great time there last night. Looking forward to hosting more work events there. Good luck!

  35. Elizabeth Warner says:

    Generous servings of great beer and delicious food, fabulous time I can’t wait to go back

  36. Theresa says:

    Coming for my birthday 🙂 Will you be having Sauerbraten on Columbus Day (evening?) Also – do you have daily Happy Hour? If so, what time?
    Thank you!!

  37. Mike Guzowski--President PAPD Steuben Assn. says:

    Looks nice–Excellent Beer Menu–Nice food selection cacn’t wait to try it. Did I miss something though. I see Alligator sausage on the menu but no sauerbraten? Maybe its me and its just a given that they serve it. We will have to find out.

  38. Ray says:

    do you have a kids menu?

    • prost says:

      Hi Ray,

      We don’t have a specific kids’ menu but we do serve a lot of kid friendly food. We have hot dogs, hamburgers, spaetzle and cheese (mac ‘n cheese) and soft pretzels. Thanks, hope to see you soon!

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